The appraisal process – part 2

Who should attend?

Anyone who undertakes a workplace appraisal either as a manager or non-manager.

How long is the course?

3-4 hours or can be combined with Part 1 to become a day-long workshop.

Who will deliver the course?

Annabel Shilton or Fiona Shafer

What does the course cover?

This course is designed to help delegates develop the key skills needed to ensure effective and enabling appraisals: so that employees understand what is required of them, how they contribute to the overall success of the business and also identify any potential barriers to success and how these can be overcome.

• Planning for successful appraisals.
• The appraisal interview.
• Appraisal questions.
• Delivering constructive feedback.

What are the outcomes?

An improved understanding of the importance of the appraisal process and the benefits to the organisation, manager and people when they are well delivered.