Performance management

Who should attend?

Senior managers, established managers and those new to a management role.

How long is the course?

Full course – 8 hours
Short course – 4 hours

Who will deliver the course?

Annabel Shilton

What does the course cover?

This course is designed to help get the best out of people and to show how effective managers do this by delivering at their best. The course shows how adopting a “coaching” style of management can build relationships, improve communication and gain greater understanding of what motivates us at work.

• What is performance management and why is it important?
• What does an effective manager do to ensure that people deliver their best work?
• Self assess individual current competency/capability and identify gaps to work on.
• A look at how coaching can help improve performance management.

What are the outcomes?

An increased understanding of how to support and manage people to deliver their best work, to improve communication and build relationships with individuals in your team.