Overcoming barriers to growth

Who should attend?

If you feel that your business is slowing down or you are struggling to maintain your early growth levels, then this programme will help you to identify and solve the issues you are facing.

How long is the course?

2-3 hours

Who will deliver the course?

Phil Green

What does the course cover?

Using Kolb’s Cycle as a basis for review this course helps delegates uncover any barriers to their business’ growth. Delegates analyse the shape of their business, identify any key differentiation points, services or products and market position, culture and personal strengths.

• Introduction to Kolb’s Cycle.
• Business analysis.
• Testing and comparison.
• Shared feedback.
• Implementation plan for one key point in the business.

What are the outcomes?

A clearer understanding of what barriers to growth may exists with the delegates’ businesses and an implementation plan that may be used as a template for other areas in the business.