Managing personal performance / effectiveness

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to become more effective at what they do.

How long is the course?

2-3 hours

Who will deliver the course?

Annabel Shilton

What does the course cover?

This course is designed to enable delegates to become more aware of the behaviours and beliefs that might be preventing them from being the best they can be at work. It also looks at work/life balance and how important it is to consider this to enable you to perform at your best. Delegates will have the opportunity to set some personal and professional goals to increase performance, impact and presence.

• How effective are you?
• Importance of Work life /balance.
• Fixed or Growth mindset.
• Goal setting.
• How to focus your attention to achieve the best results.

What are the outcomes?

A greater understanding of how you can become personally more effective and a set of goals to increase performance, impact and presence.