What is MDHUB?

MDHUB is the premier peer to peer business growth network for Managing Directors and Senior Board Directors in the South of England.

Solve your problems, lift the pressure, find ways through the blocks and grow your business with the support of the only people who really understand what you are going through - your own peer group of like-minded entrepreneurial Managing Directors.

Our skilled facilitators make sure that the groups are a confidential, open and honest environment that supports you and gets you the help you need, whether that is problem solving or testing new ideas.

We get to know you and your businesses extremely well, which means we can connect you with the right individuals or group but also, when needed, specialists from our network of fantastic advisors.

Our hubacademy programme backs up your business instinct with a breadth of management training and develops your less experienced management team to support you.

The Benefits

You benefit because:

  • You will solve problems that have been holding back your growth.
  • You will get fantastic support from your peer group.
  • You will find that you are not alone, someone has had a similar issue before and dealt with it - well or not so well, and they will share those experiences with you.
  • Your thinking will be challenged in a positive way with practical outcomes.
  • You will get time for that strategic thinking that you have been promising yourself, and a "board" of experienced managing directors to bounce ideas off.
  • You will enjoy helping other managing directors by sharing your experiences.

Your Company benefits because:

  • You will enrich the development of your strategy through discussion and debate with your peers. 
  • You will be able to benchmark the company's performance in the market place against others in real time.
  • You will be able to assess your management style, control and information against people and companies that you know well and respect.
  • You will understand the impact of economic conditions across different industry sectors and the implications for your own business.
  • You will understand how and why staff perform in different ways in different companies and use the best ideas for your own company.

81% of members value being part of the MDHUB because it gives them the opportunity to meet other business owners with similar issues

What can you expect?

Take part in:

  • Peer to Peer Workgroups - 2 hour confidential sessions with your peers.
  • Opinions - Debate the issues that are important to you and your business and learn from other members and experts from business and education.
  • Hubacademy - Our leadership and development programmes.
  • hubmentoring - Need a particular insight into your business? We know who to team you up with from our members or from our pool of experts.
  • Knowledge Hub - A mass of information from inside and outside the MDHUB, including our partnership with our friends at Knowledge Peers.