Thinking about an exit strategy?

How to re-define your lifestyle with purpose and identity.

We are delighted to welcome previous mdhub member, Rob Day to our team.  Rob co-founded and ran Liquid Light – an award winning, Brighton-based web design agency.  For over 20 years, he helped to build and lead a highly-skilled team who continue to grow and flourish to this day.  The agency boasts an enviable list of global brands and organisations, who continue to trust Liquid Light with their precious digital brands and online estates, year after year.

In 2016, at just 45, Rob spotted an opportunity to sell his stake in the business, and successfully negotiated an exit strategy that ensured a smooth transition and ongoing success of Liquid Light whilst giving Rob the financial freedom and opportunity to go exploring the wider world.  With house and pet sitters in place, Rob and his wife took off to explore Europe for 18 months in their trusty motorhome, followed by 3 months backpacking in South East Asia.  Returning to the UK sporadically throughout this period, he managed to balance his new adventurous lifestyle with some digital nomad-style freelance work.

Then, at the start of 2018, with his feet firmly back in the UK, Rob thought it was time to face the music and work out how he wanted to spend his time, and if it wasn’t doing the same as he’d done before what was it going to be?

Having completed 3 years study in Psychotherapy & Counselling, and been a mentor and coach with the charity, aBandofBrothers[1], Rob had gained a great deal of counselling, group facilitation and coaching experience, so he decided to combine these skillsets together with his immense knowledge of running (and exiting) his own business to become a Freedom Coach.

As Rob explained, “People stay in their jobs far longer than they might like because of fear of the unknown, the practical difficulties and simply because of years of attachment to their teams and a business they helped to create. Having been through the process of selling my own business and redefining my lifestyle, which hasn’t been easy because I essentially leapt into the unknown without a plan, I believe that I am ideally placed to help others plan their escape from their businesses with greater clarity and far less worry about what lies ahead.

“I completely understand what it’s like to be defined by a job and a role and how hard and painful it can be to let go, but there is another way, and I’ve developed my own programme using systems and processes that have been born out of first-hand experience.  By gaining clarity on what really matters to you and how you want the future to look and by putting in place practical steps to achieve it, it is possible to shake off the shackles of a career that may be leaving you feeling tired, stressed and jaded, and to find renewed purpose and identity in a life beyond its current confines.”

Alongside his work as a Freedom Coach, Rob also offers companies an impartial Digital ‘Health Check’ to assess where their efforts are working well and where they might need improvement.  Rob’s first-hand knowledge of digital marketing from both a B2B and B2C perspective is invaluable in helping businesses to draw up a digital marketing plan across all platforms.

Whether you are thinking about your digital strategy, an exit strategy for your business or simply want to re-define what the future might look like for you or your company, please get in touch with Rob via to find out more.

[1] abandofbrothers (ABOB) work with young men involved in the criminal justice system, providing them with the support they need to make the transition to an adulthood free of crime, and full of connection, purpose and meaning.