Strategy Days

A day away from the office to focus on what’s important

I wanted to bring my whole team from KBC PR together for a day out of the office and away from normal routine to consolidate the individual work we had already done using Strengthscope, shifting the focus from an individual’s strengths and preferences, to how they can be used to great affect within the whole team.

Our goal was to generate greater understanding between the team, across the generations, learning to draw on each other’s strengths to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our morning focused on understanding each other’s strengths, how best to harness them for the team’s benefit, acknowledging what each person can bring to the table and receiving positive feedback on how our strengths are perceived by colleagues.  The afternoon activities built on this through two major team tasks that utilised these strengths. The first involved writing, producing and performing a 10 minute play by one half of the team, whilst the other half created the publicity material to promote the production, and all within just one hour!  Each group then presented their work to the other half, to much hilarity.  The final challenge of the day was again split into two groups to decorate cakes in just half an hour, choosing a theme that reflected our clients and using a wide range of edible adornments.  Each person was given a specific role within the team, reflecting their previously discussed strengths.

The day certainly achieved the goal of bringing greater understanding between team members of their personal strengths, those of their colleagues and how best to utilise those strengths for the greater good.  Stronger relationships were formed as a result of the need to cooperate and delegate tasks to each other in order to complete them.  Feedback from team members was universally positive about the experience and we will certainly do something like this again.  I can highly recommend the experience as both participant and organiser and huge thanks are due to Fiona for masterminding and delivering the whole event.

Kate Burgess
Chief Executive, KBC PR

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