• Name: Vicki Hughes
  • Business: Fugu
  • Role(s): Founder & MD
  • Business function: PR and Communications
  • Sector: Media/PR
  • Hub member for: 2 years

Vicki’s story

“Fugu was born in 2010.  I’d worked with another PR consultancy and just felt that it was the right time to try it on my own. It was very much that I just wanted to do things in the way that I thought was the right way of doing things.  I started out in 2009 as a consultant to see where I could take it.  I didn’t necessarily want to work for somebody else so it was literally just a consultancy to start with.

It’s been interesting. I’ve had to change my role over a year and we are now turning another major corner where I’ve got a more senior team than I’ve had before with more experience and ability to take on more which gives me, to a degree, the opportunity to focus on the business.  I love doing what I do and I think it’s important to be delivering and to be involved in it to understand and to help train others and to run the business because you need to keep in touch.  There is a bit of me that’s loathe to give things up but I’m ready for a new challenge as well but I don’t want to let it go completely and I think that one of our special offerings is that I am very involved with all clients and campaigns at a strategic level so I would never want to let that go completely.

Why mdhub?

MDHUB has got me thinking and we’ve adapted some of the ways we are approaching things and opened my mind to new ways of developing the business. Joining MDHUB was a grown-up step towards focussing on the business.  We are not toddlers anymore but we are probably still at the teenage stage, still a bit rebellious, want to do things differently, but I’m aware that we’ve got to grow up to a degree and provide systems and structure that other people need.  I don’t necessarily want to do it the same way that other people do it, I think there are often better ways but there is a lot I can learn from other mdhub members, sharing experiences and also just the chance to chat and talk to people who are going through similar things so I get a chance to express it, because otherwise I’d bottle it inside.”

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