Richard Padley “I’d never thought about running my own business” Read my story Duncan Kerr “You have to be a risk taker to a certain extent, take a punt on things...but it’s got to be measured” Read my story Andy Sturgeon “What I’m trying to do...from the people that I’ve already got here, is get them to take over my job in a way” Read my story Linda Edwards “It never ever entered my radar that I would become a senior within any type of organisation“ Read my story Sam Francis “I like all the challenges that being an MD throws at me” Read my story Tamara Roberts “When you are managing a business you are constantly solving problems” Read my story Vicki Hughes “I’ve had to change my role over a year and we are now turning another major corner” Read my story Steve Hayman & Terry Nitman “The team is largely hand-picked and we give them responsibility but alongside that comes accountability” Read our story


We find them to be inspirational because of their honesty and their humanity. They tell us that success can be found in unlikely places and that perseverance and willingness to listen learn and evolve are the core attributes of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. But first and foremost these stories are about people.

That’s why we share some of them with you.

“Phil Green quickly became a valuable member of my team as we navigated our growth trajectory. He is extremely personable and a great listener, but he will always challenge assumptions when warranted. I have recommended Phil to other entrepreneurs many times and would not hesitate to do so again.”

Richard Padley, Chairman, Semantico

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