What we do...

Peer to Peer workgroups for MDs

Developed from the academically proven "action learning" sets, comprising between 4 – 6 MDs/CEOs, these 2 hour agenda-free sessions provide an opportunity for peer to peer debate.

The fundamental ethics of the groups are drawn from the collaborative processes of Einstein, Heisenberg and Bohr which were in turn developed from ancient Greek principles developed by Socrates and called Koinonia. Their principles were:

  • Establish Dialogue
  • Exchange Ideas
  • Don't Argue
  • Don't Interrupt
  • Listen carefully
  • Clarify your Thinking
  • Be Honest
  • Confidential

Our Peer to Peer Workgroups are the backbone of the MDHUB

Leadership & Management Training

Bite-sized Management Development Courses

For those of you looking to support your management teams to become more effective in their roles, our range of bite-sized Academy sessions provide the skills needed to develop staff and reinvigorate your business.

Our courses, which can be run on or off-site and last for between 2 and 3 hours, cover the whole spectrum of business training but we can also devise and tailor a course specifically to meet your needs so if you can't see what you are looking for from the selection below, please get in touch.

How long are the courses? 
Between two and three hours

How much will it cost?
A two hour session is £400 for Members (£550 Non members) plus VAT.
A three hour session is £500 for Members (£650 Non members) plus VAT.


The MDHUB academy has been designed to directly support our members’ growth. New entrepreneurs tell us that they need more breadth of management knowledge to support their business drive, enthusiasm and often very specific product or service know-how. More established entrepreneurs need to develop their inexperienced management teams to support business growth.

In response we have designed the MDHUB academy programme:


What is it?
A 12 month programme of development for the fastest growing companies in the MDHUB.

Who is this programme for?
You have achieved high growth and have continuing high growth potential. 

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What is it?
A 12 month programme of development for the future leaders of your business.

Who is this programme for?
You have identified a future successor or new board director for your business.

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hubacademy sessions

What is it?
A programme that consists of 9 two-hour breakfast sessions over 6 weeks covering 9 key management areas.

Who is this programme for?
Directors and Senior Managers who are looking to develop their management and leadership skills.

Strategy Days

What is it?
A facilitated day for your board, away from the office in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. We provide a mixture of theoretical and very practical input to help you develop your strategy.

Who is this programme for?
For MDs and their management teams.

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“As the sole owner of a small business I find MDHUB workgroups an invaluable source of feedback and inspiration”

Sue Hardy - Mooncup Ltd


MDHUB mentoring provides one-to-one support for our members from one of our experienced business consultants.

Following further discussion with you to understand your specific business needs and, importantly, your personal goals, we will help you to design an action plan incorporating both, with staged achievement points.

Our business mentor will then meet you on a regular basis to review progress, challenge your thinking and provide you with an external perspective on your planning. The mentoring will be flexible and arranged to suit the pace of the changes you want to make to your business. 

Knowledge Hub

The huge pool of business experience and knowledge within the membership, the facilitators and our external advisors is at your fingertips.

Through our partnership with Knowledge Peers we also bring you access to a wealth of on-line content which explores emerging ideas, forward thinking and upcoming challenges by gathering experiences from the people who make decisions at the top of organisations. They have built a library of research, topical insights and video based case studies which is biased towards emerging trends, new ways and new markets.

This combination of off and on-line peer to peer support gurantees that you can access any information you might need to grow your business.