Name: Jason Woodford

Member since: 2002

Tell us about your business:
Founded in 2001, SiteVisibility helps ambitious lifestyle brands grow their digital business and expertise; whether by building their in-house capability by recruiting (ClockworkTalent) and training (BrightonSEO) an in-house team of digital experts or by using the digital marketing services of SiteVisibility to deliver customers’ business goals. Our customers include House of Fraser, Fatface, Goodwood Estate, The French Bedroom Company,, Vax and The Student Room amongst others. We run Europe’s most popular SEO conference – BrightonSEO. We run the English speaking world’s most popular Internet Marketing Podcast in iTunes.

The beginning - your ‘eureka’ moment:
When the business I had just joined went bust in 2001, I bought it from the liquidator and started again. Within 3 months we had won eBookers, RBI, Department of Health, IDM, M&M Sports, Damovo, Field & Trek and I hired my freshly graduated brother as my first digital marketing consultant.

The best and the worst of times:
The best – meeting customers to discuss how we’re doing. Seeing team members develop and prosper. Winning awards, BrightonSEO trending twice a year. Seeing our Podcast in “what’s hot” on iTunes for the last 6 years. Making a profit. The worst – getting let down. Customers going bust

What gets you out of bed in the morning - what motivates you?:
Our customers. Making the business better. My family.

Luck or skill - what gets your further?:
I make my own luck but it’s the skill which helps you take advantage of good fortune.

Define ‘entrepreneur’:

Moving on up - your ambitions and the next big thing:
Finish the job with SiteVisibility.

Your top tips:
Follow through and action your good ideas Always set measurable objectives Marketing is everything Experiment and take risks Give a little Stay close to your business Enjoy the journey

What others say about you and your business:
Well connected Been in SEO / digital marketing since 2001 Founder member of Wired Sussex Run the world’s most popular English language internet marketing podcast Runs BrightonSEO Seems to spend too much time doing CSR stuff Nice brands Great team A great place to develop your career in digital marketing