Project Management On Demand (PMOD)

Project Management On Demand (PMOD)
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Name: Nadine Schofield

Member since: 2015

Tell us about your business:
PMOD works in any company that needs project management help. You might not have a full-time need, capacity or budget – but you do need a skilled PM on hand to help run digital projects, work with busy teams or improve processes. If you do need a FT PM though we can service that need too. We white label as your project manager and immediately slot in. We’re able to run with your processes to manage all of the project deliverables and requirements, able to bring processes and documentation into the projects (i.e. weekly progress reports, budget ‘v’ actual etc.) if needed. The On Demand offering is that perfect balance of flexibility and availability. We work to agreed hours in any week and are available every day - there for our clients when and where you need us. That’s why we’re always available to take calls, answer emails, be in the office or run meetings. PMOD bills in 15 minute increments - if the hours aren’t used the hours aren’t billed.

The beginning - your ‘eureka’ moment:
After having a baby I decided it was time to head back to work. Not wanting to go back to London daily or really work full time, at that point, I picked up with a few contacts and started working for 4 different agencies at the same time white labelling to their company and running with their processes and documentation. The eureka moment was one night over a glass of wine when Irealised that not all companies did indeed need full time PMs but did have PM needs that needed to be managed throughout the entire week…On Demand!

The best and the worst of times:
Best – Flexibility! Worst – The worries of running your own business!

What gets you out of bed in the morning - what motivates you?:
The challenges I place on myself to move and grow the business.

Luck or skill - what gets your further?:
It’s a bit of both for sure!

Define ‘entrepreneur’:
Somebody who believes in their vision and is brave enough to take it forward!

Moving on up - your ambitions and the next big thing:
The business is now ten strong and my ambition is to grow that further in the UK and move into Europe.

Your top tips:
If you really want to work for yourself then take that leap as it is the best thing. If you are running a company make sure you have a good strong team around you and support them throughout. Don’t beat yourself up and put too much pressure on yourself!

What others say about you and your business:
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