Plus Accounting

Name: Paul Feist

Member since: 2007

“We have built our services on the philosophy that you want more from your accountants than your accounts: you want guidance, advice and a range of products and services that make your busy life easier – so that is what we deliver."

Our Business Consultancy offers you long term advice and support to help you build the business you want to create.

We keep a constant watch on the short term indicators and a keen eye on the future, guiding you in everything from cash management and capital raising, to employee incentives and, ultimately, your exit plan.

Your Plus+ advisor will be more than your accountant; he or she will be a coach, a mentor and an architect of your success.

Our Business Management Services offers you the day-to-day essentials to help you manage your business.  Monthly management accounts, VAT returns, payroll, you name it – the information will be on your desk when you need it.

No longer will you need to worry about late nights pouring over the numbers and wondering if you’ve got them right – or worse still, operating in a void.  We’ll produce the numbers and the insight, leaving you free to manage and develop your business.

Our Tax & Financial Planning provides practical and intelligent tax planning advice to help you minimise your tax liability and yet stay within the constraints of the law.

Your business and personal life will constantly present circumstances in which sensible tax planning is required.  From the day you start your business to the major challenges around property ownership, business investment, inheritance tax and asset disposals.

Our tax advice is second to none - and so will be your peace of mind.

As you might expect from an experienced firm of Chartered Accountants, we have all of the core Accountancy Services covered, from the annual audit and accounts to day-to-day management requirements like payroll. Our aim is to provide you with all of the financial services you will ever need to run your business - all within reach and delivered by a team you know and trust.