Name: Rosie Freshwater

Member since: 2006

Tell us about your business:
Leapfrogg is a specialist digital marketing agency helping premium brands and retailers increase customer acquisition, revenue and market share. We understand how to sell products and services to the discerning consumer better than most, delivering integrated search engine marketing, online PR and social media strategies that align closely with our clients’ offline marketing activity. In turn, this helps drive a consistent and seamless experience for customers as they move between channels. A growing portfolio of high-end retail, travel and heritage brands rely on Leapfrogg for our strategic and joined-up thinking, our creative approach to digital and our proven ability to deliver online retail marketing strategies that have a direct, measurable impact on our clients’ bottom line

The beginning - your ‘eureka’ moment:
My Eureka moment was realising that being made redundant was not the end of the world but actually a brilliant opportunity to set up a much better agency that I had ever worked at.

The best and the worst of times:
Best times was when we started winning awards and I started to realise that I had achieved my vision for the agency. Worst times have been mostly related to running a small agency in extremely tough economic times.

What gets you out of bed in the morning - what motivates you?:
Being the best at what we do and leaving a legacy

Luck or skill - what gets your further?:
Both combined

Define ‘entrepreneur’:
Someone with balls of steel, shoulders as wide as the english channel, and vision as colourful as the rainbow and as high as the clouds

Moving on up - your ambitions and the next big thing:
Continuing to grow despite the tough times, and launching some exciting new strategic services throughout the year to cement our status as industry experts.

Your top tips:
- Be brave - Take risks but reinvest as much as you can - Put your people first and everything else will come good

What others say about you and your business:
No idea, but I would love to know. See our website for client testimonials.

“The HubAlpha programme could not have come at a better time for me. In a year where leading your business is 3 times as hard as in previous years, the support and understanding about my business that Hub Alpha has given me is invaluable. Not only am I learning more about myself as a leader but am also taking a real look at my company in ways I did not have the tools to before. I have also made some great friends with other MD’s going through the same processes. This is a fundamental benefit of all MDHUB activity and the HubAlpha is no exception"