Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor
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Tell us about your business:

Brighton Sheet Metal "does exactly what is says on the tin", it is In Brighton & makes Sheet Metal. Established in 1911 making coach parts and pie tins, now the largest sheet metal company in the area supplying to high end customers. Expert in taking a flat piece of metal and making it into most shapes imaginable then welding, painting and providing both mechanical and electrical assembly. Also capable of large fabrications and installations.

The beginning - your ‘eureka’ moment:

Started as an apprentice then left. Re-joined after University then left. Now back a third time as M.D. Eureka Moment?

The best and the worst of times:

The best of times is when a plan comes together that even you had doubts about. The worst of times is losing employees when it's not down to you.

What gets you out of bed in the morning - what motivates you?:

Two annoying cats. The thing that motivates me is the complete unpredictability of what the day will hold together with trying new things out.

Luck or skill - what gets your further?:

Trusting my instinct. And a lot of luck.

Define ‘entrepreneur’:

Someone who must move forward.

Moving on up - your ambitions and the next big thing:

Opening my own restaurant - I know!!!!

Your top tips:

Walk about and get the "feel" of the place, then act on that feeling. Give everyone a second chance before you fire them.

What others say about you and your business:

About me, I hate to think, overweight, overdrawn, over most things. About the business, I believe they think we are a professional, hardworking and caring company, which is why our customers stay with us.