Meet The Team

Fiona Shafer and Phil Green have carefully selected a team of people that share their enthusiasm, curiosity and downright nosiness about business and business people.


The Hub 100, as it was then, was launched in September 2002 as part of SEEDA's Enterprise Hub network but with the usual Brighton & Hove twist of doing things slightly differently. Where other Enterprise Hubs were based on a physical incubation space and specific support for key sectors, The Hub 100 was a cross sector group, aimed firmly at companies with high growth potential and basing its core activities in the premises of its members. In what seems like web pre-history The Hub 100 also intended to provide the "right support at the right time" through its "interactive website".

The first management board consisting of Simon Fanshawe, Mike Herd, Scott Marshall, Cheryl Clemons and Peter Burden were responsible for laying down many of the basic tenets that have been successfully built upon in the past 10 years. The core philosophy of bringing managing directors together to share experience and expertise to develop themselves and their businesses remains unchanged.

In 2007 SEEDA decided that this maverick Hub 100 no longer fitted their model and gave notice of discontinued funding and in 2008 the project was named MDHUB and became a commercially run, privately owned limited company. This meant the introduction of membership fees and, ironically, the unique achievement from the Enterprise Hub programme of a self-sustaining model.

10 Years Old and still supporting Managing Directors of growing companies, onwards to the next 10...

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory board keep us on the straight and narrow and provide us with our own MDHUB Workgroup. We owe them a big vote of thanks.