Building a Strategic Brand Strategy

How to position your business in the marketplace and communicate effectively to drive scale and growth.

Brands are the strategic frameworks that empower businesses and organisations. From the Enterprise to the SME, a clear brand strategy is a vital tool that helps to shape the business and focus and align all its communications – both internal and external. Defining and executing a brand strategy is not only the purview of the big budget enterprise in tandem with an expensive branding agency. At MDHUB we have developed a fast, practical and pragmatic mechanism through which SMEs can either define or better articulate a strategic brand identity system and ensure that all communications are then driven by and aligned with that identity system.

We were asked by Alistair Fleming Design to help them develop their brand identity system. Alistair Fleming design and build bespoke kitchens and cabinetry at the premium end of the market. They had a strong sense of their brand but had found it difficult to articulate it in such a way that it would deliver business value. Through a series of workshops and document iterations we worked with them to articulate their core values, the value proposition and positioning statement. We then used this brand identity system as the foundation on which we defined their key messages, tone of voice and elements of their visual identity, helped develop sales and marketing strategies including CRM selection and migration – all underpinned by the newly articulated brand identity system.  The business now has a very clear picture of how to position themselves in the market and the tools with which to communicate this positioning to their prospects and customers as they seek to drive scale and growth in their business.