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Brand New MDHUB Awards 2019 – A big success

The MDHUB held its first ever Awards ceremony  at the new MDHUB Leaders Lunch on October 23rd 2019 at the glorious venue of Hendall Manor Barns  at Herons Ghyll in East Sussex.

MDHUB Directors Phil Green and Fiona Shafer luckily find themselves in the very privileged position of being asked along to Judge and Chair a number of business awards across the South East of England and this year they decided that it was about time that they utilised this wealth of experience  to create their own awards for the very talented and varied Members of the MDHUB.

The MDHUB Awards were positioned as a clear acknowledgement and recognition of outstanding achievement by Members in their award category.

Our Award winners were chosen against the following criteria in their category :

Their individual  impact in MDHUB Workgroups in regard to :

  • Their contribution to others, their honesty and engagement
  • Their companies impact  in the wider environment and community
  • The way that they conduct themselves as Leaders

The very worthy award recipients were nominated from within the MDHUB  by the MDHUB Team of Facilitators and Phil and Fiona, who work day in and day out with Members.

We were absolutely delighted at the immediate response of the sponsors for these awards , all of whom were from within the MDHUB , demonstrating true peer to peer support.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our sponsors : Cheesmur Building Contractors, Brightec, DMH Stallard, Swindells Chartered Accountants, Design Specific, E & S Heating and Ventilation, LMS Group, Extech Cloud, Plus Accounting and The French Bedroom Company.

To keep it all really local , the sustainable awards were made by MDHUB Members – E & S Heating and Ventilation , Alistair Fleming Design  and EllieEllie. A big shout out to you all.

Rising Star Award

Winner – Nicola Conboy of Extech Cloud

Sponsored by Steve Hayman & Terry Nitman of Cheesmur

Nicola with Steve and Terry of Cheesmur
Nicola with Steve and Terry of Cheesmur

Geek of The Year Award

Winner – Clare Wilkinson of Hot Horse

Sponsored by Andy Ferrett & Josh 0’Riordan of Brightec

Clare with Josh and Andy
Clare with Josh and Andy

The Driest sense of Humour Outside of the Atacama Desert

Winner – Luke Aldrich of ROCC

Sponsored by Jonathan Grant of DMH Stallard

Luke ( right ) with Jonathan of DMH
Luke (right) with Jonathan of DMH

The Best Dressed MD

Winner – Georgia Metcalfe of the French Bedroom Company

Sponsored by Melanie Richardson & Robert Willison of Swindells

Georgia (Left) with Melanie (Swindells)
Georgia (Left) with Melanie (Swindells)

The Most Innovative MD

Winner – Duncan Kerr of Wave Leisure

Sponsored by Bill Taylor of Design Specific

Duncan ( right ) with Bill ( Design Specific )
Duncan (right) with Bill (Design Specific)

The MD or Director most committed to Future Sustainability

Winner – Daniel Cook of Ambiental Risk Assessment

Sponsored by Anna Shephard of E & S Heating & Ventilation

Daniel right with Anna E&S Heating Ventilation
Daniel right with Anna E&S Heating Ventilation

The Happiest Workplace

Winner – Andy Ferett and Josh’ORiordan of Brightec

Sponsored by Luke Mead of LMS Group

Josh & Luke LMS - Andy (right)
Josh (left),  Luke LMS and Andy (right)

PA of the Year

Winner – Esther Dawson of Ridegview Wine

Sponsored by Andrew Hookway and Paul Estep of Extech Cloud

Andrew Extech (left) and Esther (right)
Andrew Extech and Esther

CEO or MD of the Year

Winner – Tamara Roberts of Ridgeview Wine

Sponsored by Paul Feist of Plus Accounting

Paul and Tamara
Paul and Tamara

Best in Show

Winner – Andy Sturgeon of Andy Sturgeon Landscape and Garden Design

Sponsored by Georgia Metcalfe of The French Bedroom Company

Andy with Georgia
Andy with Georgia

The Merlin Award

Winner – Kerry Kyriacou

For sprinkling his magic wherever he goes… MDHUB Facilitator of the Year 2019

Our very own Merlin - Kerry
Our very own Merlin – Kerry


MDHUB Award winners
The winners 2019 MDHUB Awards