What a Student Placement can offer you as an employer


What a Student Placement can offer you as an employer

Business and Management studies at the University of Sussex is highly regarded.  It is

ranked in the top 25  in the UK in The Times Good University Guide 2013.  All courses include the development of professional business skills to prepare students for work. 


Students undertake one-year work placements at the end of their second academic year and then return to the University for their final year of study prior to graduating.  This means that employers can take advantage of the skills of these talented individuals by employing them for a year to undertake specific projects.  It’s an opportunity for you to benefit from the value of a University of Sussex student without committing to the longer-term overheads of a more permanent post.  You also have the advantage of being able to see their potential as possible future employees once they have graduated.  The University provides support at each stage of the recruitment process so there are no recruitment costs to you.


What you can expect from a University of Sussex student 

·  A commitment to working for you for a year

·  A skilled undergraduate with two years of successful higher level study under their belt

·  An injection of fresh ideas from an enthusiastic person with up to date knowledge

·  An understanding of how to think and perform as a business professional

·  Sound awareness of business needs

·  Core knowledge of a range of subjects relevant to your business including: Management; Business Law, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, HR, Financial Reporting, Information Systems, Operations Management, Innovation Management

·  Specialist knowledge in their chosen study area

·  Work ready because the University offers a preparation programme in workplace skills, health & safety, and employment law

·  For continuing projects you will have the opportunity to retain the student for an extra month so that they can train up a replacement student


 What you can expect the University to provide

·  1:1 meeting to identify your requirements and fully explain how the placement system works

·  Support to match the skills you need to the students who have them

·  Organisation of the recruitment process.

·  The University will help you write the job description, advertise the post for you and, if required, shortlist students for interview  

·  You can hold the interviews on your premises or ours – it’s your choice

·  Help with putting together the paperwork for the appointee



What our students expect from their placement with you

·  A one year full-time placement OR a placement shared with another employer

·  Ideally a clearly defined project with deliverables and defined timescales that they and your business can benefit from

·  A real world experience in a challenging environment

·  The opportunity to interact with colleagues and clients and learn from more experienced staff.

·  A paid placement that reflects the skills they have developed

·  Continuing support from the University of Sussex to help them to monitor their performance and track their progress as part of their professional development



Work & Learning Opportunities is working with the University of Sussex to help them deliver the Business Management & Economics Placement Programme.  Once we have established your needs, experienced staff at the University will support you through the process of recruiting to your placement.   

Work & Learning Opportunities c.i.c, Sussex Innovation Centre, Science Park Square, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9SB  Email: placements@workandlearning.co.uk

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