Waer Systems launches new branding and website

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Your Thoughts on Waer website please.

Waer Systems launches new branding and website

Rod Scott, CEO and founder of Waer Systems has been on the Advisory Board of MDHUB for almost 10 years and is excited to share the company’s new branding and website.  Waer is an agile software development company providing powerful supply chain, system integration and business intelligence solutions via the Cloud to large, often global organisations. 

While they are very good at providing creative solutions for their customers, explaining precisely what they do can be difficult to describe – to themselves, let alone the outside world! So they have taken a very close look at their innovative products and solutions and produced a completely new website to help get the message across. They have three core products that between them help some of the world’s largest organisations to significantly improve efficiency, traceabilty and supply chain management.

“Recently our capabilities, including RFID tracking, have evolved to such an extent that we felt it was time for a complete refresh of our messaging and branding. We’d be delighted if MDUB members would take a few minutes to look at our new website here.  Your feedback would be most welcome, and of course we’d appreciate you sharing our message with anyone who might be interested in our solutions.”

Rod Scott


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