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John Thacker's Summer Reading Recommendations 

If you get some time over the summer for reading, here are three suggestions from me.

There’s a book that will help with running organisations, one that will help your own personal development, and a third – well, let’s just say it was an unexpected gem, a little personal/philosophical reflection.

1. The Progress Principle (Teresa Amiable and Steve Kramer)

The principle that a sense of progress is key to work is one that should be understood by every leader and manager. In fact, everyone involved in a workplace or indeed any other organisation should be aware of and act upon this principle.

There are a number of other very helpful findings about a good inner work life (and therefore happier employees and more productive businesses) throughout this book.

2. No One Understands You (And What To Do about It) (Heidi Halvorson)

Well that’s how I feel anyway.

This is an excellent exploration about how perceiving people - including yourself - accurately is perhaps the most difficult thing we humans do. People are complicated, and their words and deeds are riddled with ambiguity and open to interpretation.

And any book recommended by Daniel Pink, Carol Dweck, Adam Grant and Peter Bregman must be worth a read.

3. How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life (Russ Roberts)

This is a delightful book, well-written and bringing out lots of thought-provoking ideas from Adam Smith’s ‘other book’ - The Theory of Moral Sentiments.

To what might surprise some people, Adam Smith in The Theory of Moral Sentiments wrote as eloquently as anyone ever has on the futility of pursuing money with the hope of finding happiness. The author says his reading of the book has helped him live better in our modern world.

For those of you short of time, I have produced extracts of all these books. You are most welcome to these, just email me.

But don’t deprive yourself of the joy and benefit of reading these books themselves.

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