REPORT on Employee Ownership debate

Why have an Employee Ownership structure?

REPORT on Employee Ownership debate

MDHUB Members and guests enjoyed a comprehensive presentation about becoming an employee owned company delivered by Robert Postlethwaite - - and Peter Matthews - at our debate on 16th September amongst the ripening grapes at award winning vineyard -

Joining us at the debate was Kath Clements from MDHUB member and employee-owned business, Mooncup, to give us an idea of what it's really like working in an employee-owned company.

Aside from the necessary legal, structural and tax implications of becoming an employee-owned business, the overriding themes of the evening were that COMMUNICATION was an important ingredient in creating an employee-owned company, EMPLOYEES were critical in the process and that is was likely that the company CULTURE would need to change.

Said Kath, "The difference is that it's a democratic process and people feel a sense of responsibility in that they are carrying the business.  It strikes me that it's strange there aren't more companies that are Employee Owned given all the benefits."

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