Our expanding MDHUB team

As you know the MDHUB has been growing throughout 2010 and 2011...

and following a 3 month pilot project during the winter of 2012, we are delighted to introduce you to our 4 new facilitators who have joined the MDHUB team.They are already bringing along a wealth of new experience, ideas and energy to the work groups and if you have not already done so, we hope you get to meet them all at a workgroup soon.

Annabel Shilton

Annabel has a lively, warm approach and brings passion, energy and fun to her workgroups. She is committed to working in partnership with members, providing a hands on facilitation style that motivates, encourages, challenges and ultimately transforms to enable personal and professional growth. Find her on LinkedIn.

Paul Jordan

Paul helps business owners explore how to get the most from what they do. Following on from a background in business banking Paul has an excellent knowledge of finance and investment funding, and is also a keen advocate of continuous learning and the use of visual tools to develop understanding, clarity and focus. Find him on LinkedIn

Phil Ashford MBA

Phil is an experienced and accredited business advisor with a background in the private and public sector. He’s delivered business planning workshops and one2one business start up coaching for a range of people from all backgrounds. Phil is a keen advocate of Social Enterprise and is a founder of Enterprise for Change in Sussex. Find him on LinkedIn

Kerry Kyriacou

Kerry is passionate about guiding business owners to realise their full potential, maximise business performance and achieve business excellence. Kerry specialises in strategic development, buying 4 profit, sales, marketing and distribution as well as budgetary control. Find him on Linkedin.

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