MDHUB Walk and talk

We have decided to take our business discussions outside into the beautiful Sussex countryside.

We spend far too much of our time in front of our screens, sitting down or driving - so when the opportunity has arisen we have gone off for some very productive walks. Who says you can't combine business and pleasure?

If you are currently on one of our mentoring programmes or are thinking about joining, we are looking to encourage more Walk and Talk sessions over the late spring, summer and early autumn months.

Current walking locations are at Firle, Ditchling and Brighton and normally involve some very good food at some point along the way - nothing too strenuous but enough for you to feel you have had a good walk and resolved some issues, come up with some new ideas and had some fun - with one of the experienced team of mentors from the MDHUB.

Length of walk and time allocated to suit you. For more information please email Fiona

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