Make a real difference to any company

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This Apprenticeship is about giving young people the chance to contribute to business through the use of Social Media &...

Make a real difference to any company

There's not a sector left in the world that can't benefit from the intelligent use of social media, and Dv8 Sussex helps young people apply to the workplace what has become a default way of communicating worldwide. Apprentices take a very central position in running online campaigns (through Facebook and Twitter, for example), use design programmes such as PhotoShop, write blog posts, manage company websites, create viral marketing campaigns, and generally find innovative and modern ways to help support the business. The Apprenticeship lasts for 12 months, with the majority of employers offering the apprentice a full time position on completion of the Apprenticeship.

“We are delighted with the apprentices who have joined our team since then. With ongoing support and advice from Dv8 we have attracted three excellent apprentices who have demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism in equal measure since starting in roles across our graphics and development teams. Dv8 are not only a great team to work with, but our relationship with them is strategically important as we continue to develop the next generation of talent at Brightwave.” Laura Ward – Marketing Manager at Brightwave

“I feel that being an apprentice is the ideal place to be right now for someone of my age. The apprenticeship I’m doing has allowed me to secure a job that even University graduates would struggle to get. I am doing a job I love, learning and getting paid to do it! Since starting at Brightwave my design and creativity skills have skyrocketed and I am now a better-rounded individual”. Sam Windsor – Graphic Designer at Brightwave

One of the very defining factors in what stands out about a Dv8 apprentice is the level of training and support provided. Dv8 apprentices will be in the workplace for four days per week, and the fifth day will be spent at the Dv8 Sussex’s training centre in Brighton. Guided and supported by practising industry professionals, apprentices will be given a high level of additional training that can be applied in the workplace, to ensure that both the employer and the apprentice get the absolute most out of the partnership.

So how does it work?

Dv8 Sussex has a bank of highly skilled young people who are ready to start work. Based on individual skills, we will select a number of suitable applicants for your business, and you will then have the opportunity to consider their CVs and then invite them to interview. Once you have settled on a suitable candidate, we will take care of all of the paperwork, and arrange a mutually agreeable start date. A short time after this, you will see the benefit of having an energetic and keen young person, willing to get stuck in, learn new skills and contribute to the overall growth and success of your business.

Apprentices are paid between £80-£150 per week, and will be equipped with a minimum of GCSEs - including English, Maths and ICT - at grades A*-C.

How do I find out more?
You can contact us in the following ways:

Via email:
Via Twitter: @dv8sussex
Via Facebook
By calling 01273 550432

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