Is your information safe?

Prevention IS better than cure

Is your information safe?

Information is the lifeblood of many organisations – How healthy is your management of it?

Today’s digital world is generating increasing volumes of information, in different forms and held in numerous locations (e.g. BYOD, websites, social media, email, etc…).  Progressive companies know that their business strategy is increasingly interdependent with a clear plan on managing their information.  A business strategy that has been developed without consideration of the opportunities presented by the strategic use of information may be seriously deficient: information is the lifeblood of many organisations. 

An Information Governance framework built to serve the specific calls that your business makes on its information (e.g. availability to employees on BYOD devices, legal compliance, analysis to gain competitive advantage, email in the cloud etc….) can provide you, as its MD, reassurance that the multiple facets of managing information (security, compliance, privacy, accessibility, cost minimisation etc….) are each taken into consideration - with technology playing a supporting role in that information management strategy, rather than driving it. 

Asking yourself the right questions now to ensure good governance is immeasurably preferable to waiting until your clients start asking those questions: Prevention IS better than cure.

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