FOOD FOR THOUGHT - The Secret Assassin In Your Business

20th April 2016 at Pelham House, Lewes between 6pm and 9pm

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - The Secret Assassin In Your Business

When interviewing potential candidates for a role, how often have you been left with the thought that there was 'something not quite right' about them... but you can't put your finger on it?

There are so many nuances in the spoken word: inflections, pitch and tone.  Some people are incredibly expressive and revealing in their facial mannerisms, some less so, while others give off lots of information from their body language. 

  • How do we interpret all this in a business context? 
  • Can you afford to believe a lie or disbelieve the truth?
  • How good are you at reading others?

At this debate, John Pearse, a chartered psychologist and an associate member of the Division of Forensic Psychology, will help you to unravel what the truth looks like and how to work out when someone is being deceptive.  By increasing your ability to detect deception you can limit such avoidance behaviour in a variety of situations such as an interview or offering feedback as a line manager on a difficult performance issue.

This promises to be a lively and interactive debate with plenty of opportunities for Q & A so do join us at the beautiful 16th century Pelham House Hotel in Lewes for an interesting evening including a two-course meal and wine.

About John Pearse

John Pearse is a chartered psychologist, a member of the British Psychological Society and an associate member of the Division of Forensic Psychology. John brings a fascinating mix of psychological research, publishing, and many years of experience in national security and law enforcement to his work. His eclectic background helps shape the design and delivery of a range of sought-after workshops with the Paul Ekman Group. His expertise in emotional skills training and evaluating truthfulness and credibility benefits a wide range of professional customers.

John’s work has taken him around the world. He is regularly commissioned to undertake systemic reviews and recommend training paradigms for organisations that depend on the judgment, decision making and emotional stability of their staff - especially in pressurized or high stake environments. He has recently undertaken a confidential review of police interviewing of terrorist suspects in the United Kingdom, and has gone on to design and deliver a specialist multi-agency course combining: the ability to evaluate others; essential interpersonal skills; cultural awareness; and effective emotional balance.

John has recently released a book - Investigating Terrorism: Current Political, Legal and Psychological Issues - and he continues to research and publish in the area of forensic interviewing and evaluating truthfulness.

Supper with wine starting at 6pm followed by the debate and Q & A. 

FREE to members, £75 for non members.

Places are limited to 20 so get your reservations in quickly here!

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