FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Missing Manual For the Human Being

IT'S ALL A LOAD OF MONKEY BUSINESS Wednesday 6th July, East Sussex National, Uckfield 8am to 11am

FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Missing Manual For the Human Being

You wanted to be an entrepreneur, a leader... NOT a psychologist, counsellor and agony aunt all rolled into one.  BUT... you went and employed some staff, and now you spend half your day dealing with problems caused by people.  It's a problem; we're not taught how to understand human behaviour at school, and we spend the rest of our lives trying to make up for that oversight.  So...

  • Why is a great deal of human behaviour so hard to fathom?
  • Why do we spend a significant part of our lives worrying about things we can't change, or worse still just feeling tense for no identifiable reason? 
  • Why is it so hard to fix workplace problems, even when there is an obvious, rational solution?

Andrew Heath and Piers Bishop of We Thrive have spent years researching, developing and testing a unique on-line system to find out what’s upsetting staff before it’s too late and will be sharing their knowledge and tips at this event to embrace a more positive culture and enjoy easier transitions when changes are implemented.  In fact, current MDHUB member, VW Heritage, already benefit from working with We Thrive and you can read their story here. According to VW Heritage Managing Director, Barney Dines:

"This is HR gold!  We Thrive has given me a fantastic insight into my teams with really clear and easy to follow stats and graphics.  It has made performance reviews so much more targeted.  Highly recommended!"

So, if you would like to reduce sickness days, improve productivity and staff retention and free people to be more collaborative, creative and productive, then join us for a delicious full English or continental breakfast at East Sussex National and start the day as you mean to go on.

Places are limited to 20 so get your reservations in quickly here

This event is sponsored by NatWest Bank

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