Extech blazing new trails with innovation strategy

Andrew Hookway, MD of Extech, reveals news of an exciting innovation project in partnership with the University of Brighton...

Extech blazing new trails with innovation strategy

In a business at the forefront of technology where the culture is driven from the bottom up – Extech have taken on 11 apprentices over the last three years so there is a constant supply of new ideas and fresh thinking – it comes as no surprise to learn that the company is about to embark on an exciting new innovation project. 

Over the past six months, Extech has been working closely with the University of Brighton to obtain grant funding from Innovate UK to develop and implement a business innovation strategy for the company. The scheme is known as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, KTP for short. The KTP scheme aims to fund the most innovative and strategic projects which bring about transformational changes to companies and Extech’s application has been successful! 

Both Extech and Brighton University are passionate about embracing change, the only constant in business today. The initial two years of the seven year programme starts officially this summer with the recruitment of a post graduate through the University who will work alongside Extech, supported by various industry specialists from within the University. The joint objective is to develop and implement a transformational and disruptive business innovation strategy.

Said Alan Trace, Regional Business Development Manager for Extech, “Competition for these grants is fierce and we wanted to take advantage of changes in the marketplace to strongly grow our business faster as illustrated by the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure which has meant that our business has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. We now want to get ahead of the change curve, differentiating ourselves from the competition by being the innovators of the new technologies rather than being followers. This project gives us a window into the future and all of the team are very open minded and excited about the opportunities it will bring. We want to further enhance the company’s reputation of trusted influencer and the go-to provider for future-proof Managed Cloud Solutions."

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