Big surprise at the Feist Hedgethorne 20th birthday party

Feist Hedgethorne, chose the occasion of its 20th anniversary party to unveil an exciting rebrand

Big surprise at the Feist Hedgethorne 20th birthday party

Held at the Brighton Ballroom last night, 150 guests enjoyed live music and entertainment, before being shown a video revealing the new brand. The announcement created much interest in the room.

Paul Feist, director and founder of Plus+, said: “It was a fantastic surprise for all of our guests. Our clients and professional contacts matter to us as a firm and having so many of them together for our 20th anniversary party was a great way to launch the new brand and celebrate the next phase in our history. The announcement added an extra element to the evening and the atmosphere.”

Guests were told that Feist Hedgethorne has been rebranded as Plus+ to underline the firm’s commitment to delivering the types of services that clients really want. “Clients want more than an annual set of accounts from their accountant,” said Paul. “They want strategic guidance and advice throughout the year, coupled with hands on support for day-to-day financial management. Our brand commits us to delivering this.”

Jamie Young, a director who joined Plus+ in 2010 to build the Business Management division, added: “Our Business Management services take the strain of operational financial management for our clients and help keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of their businesses’ health.”

Peter Hedgethorne, a co-director of Plus+, said: “We want to continue to be known as a sought after and respected firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers in the Brighton and Hove area, but we also want to be known for going further and giving our clients the practical support they need to grow their businesses. Our new strapline ‘Beyond Accounts’ encompasses everything we want to deliver.”

Clients of Plus+ not only benefit from first class accountancy and tax planning services, but also business consultancy, an array of business management services and financial planning support. These services allow the firm to support its clients with everything on the journey from start-up planning to exit strategies.

“We’ve had a relaxed, enjoyable and fun evening,” said one of the guests, Toby Rollestone from MacConvilles. “I think Plus+ is the start of an exciting new journey and it will enable the firm’s clients to look ahead and drive their business forward.”

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