Big Data... should we be scared?

MDHUB Opinions Debate Wednesday 24th June 2015 at The Dome Enterprise Centre, University of Chichester

Big Data... should we be scared?

Each year the University of Chichester Business School partners with the MDHUB to deliver an exceptional Opinions Debate, facilitated and delivered by a panel of leading experts.

Big Data - should we be scared?

Big Data is at the very core of everything that we now do and has a key influence on our businesses, our business life and our personal life.  It influences how we get information, how we vote and how we digest news.  It influences key business decisions and helps us to strive to achieve our goals and vision. 

Google use Big Data to influence what we see on our searches, Facebook uses Big Data to serve up adverts and information in our time lines.  The BBC uses Big Data to decide what news shows up to us on their website.

Analysis of Big Data can influence key national and global decisions, such as crop growing, global warming, our use of fossil fuels.

In this incredible world of Big Data we are bringing to the front three key experts in the field: Jamie Cole, Executive Partner, IBM Analytics, Graham Pescod, Consultant Director, Big Red Consulting and Sven Latham, Director, Noggin,

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