A member's take on the Leaders' Event

Enlightening, engaging and inspiring...

A member's take on the Leaders' Event

I’ve been a member of  MD Hub for many years now and find that it is just as relevant to my business today as it was back in the early 2000’s when I first joined.  That’s the beauty of the Hub: as your business emerges from its chrysalis and spreads its wings, there are others who have already been there, done that, who offer constructive advice, a sounding board and sometimes just a sympathetic ear.  And believe me, that sympathetic ear from someone who really understands what it’s like to be out there on your own, can sometimes be the one thing that keeps you going when times are tough.

MD Hub has also emerged from the chrysalis of its Hub 100 days, continually developing programmes, support strategies and events that have helped me in my personal development as well as day-to-day management.  The Original Leader’s events are just one of their offerings and I have found them enlightening, engaging and inspiring over the years.  So much so that last year I also took along my number two as I thought he’d get a lot out of the day.  And I was right. 

So we’re looking forward to 2017’s event and the theme of Brave New World.  Some of the speakers have already been announced and I’m certainly interested to hear Jeremy Cook, Chief Economist of World First.  The impact of world politics on the economy and exchange rates is of prime importance to my own business: 80% of our income is paid in US Dollars or other currencies, so I’m hoping to pick up some tips from him.  I never dreamt when I set up my PR agency I’d have to become a forex specialist!

The Original Leaders’ speakers always offer a great spread of experience and insight and I’m looking forward to hear who else will be joining Jeremy, Rob Andrew and Luke Aldrich on the day.

Kate Burgess-Craddy
Chief Executive, KBC PR