60 Ways to be a Great MD. What are yours?

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You are a great MD but in how many different way? Please send us your thoughts on even more ways.

60 Ways to be a Great MD. What are yours?

1.     Admit when you are wrong

2. Recruit people who have better skills than you

3. Take holidays

4. Take responsibility

5. Understand your Leadership style 

6. Keep on learning and improving

7. Laugh

8. Keep a sense of perspective

9. Be inspirational

10. Have a clear Vision

11. Truly understand how the numbers work 

12. Know how to make a profit

13. Trust your instinct

14. Make mistakes and learn from them

15. Live and breathe your Brand

16. Know when to walk away 

17. Be Passionate and convey this to your team, customers and suppliers

18. Prioritise what really matters

19. Understand yourself and how you come across to others

20. Love managing and leading

21. Understand what makes high performing teams

22. Be tenacious

23. Innovate wherever you can but not just for the sake of change

24. Devour new ideas and technologies

25. Network – appropriately

26. Create “no blame” cultures where people try things

27. Trust people

28. Can sell their business concept

29. Problem solve

30. Break down barriers 

31. Spend more time on strategy and the future than the day-to-day

32. Believe in themselves, their product/service and their people

33. Maintain a healthy optimism

34. Develop others as a way of developing their business

35. Coach problems away

36. Be a Great Listener

37. Keep perspective on everything and constantly review

38. Build relationships for the present and potential future

39. Experiment and play with ideas and concepts

40. Bring energy to what they do and energise others

41. Provide structure

42. Are constantly curious 

43. Question the things that others don’t

44. Keep themselves and their businesses healthy

45. Know when and how to say “ No”

46. Cut down the working hours in your day

47. Take time out to think

48. Have times when you are not available to anyone

49. Understand how to communicate in different ways with different people

50. Know and use the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

51. Delegate effectively

52. Be Flexible

53. Don’t procrastinate

54. Keep exploring

55. Push boundaries

56. Ask Why Not?

57. Have Fun

58. Be Proud of what you do

59. Respect yourself and others

60. Create a business that can run without you

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