Are you developing the future leaders of your business?

Futurehub – for the next generation

What is it?

A 12 month programme of development for the future leaders of your business. Each Futurehub group session is half a day a month for 12 months with the dates and location pre-selected by the group of attendees in advance to fit in with their everyday work schedules. Plus: each attendee will have up to half a day 1:2:1 management development session each month with their facilitators to support their Personal Development Plan’s.

Who is the programme for?

You have identified a future successor or new board director for your business. Whilst very talented, your proposed successor(s) lacks some of the core skills and experience that you have developed to date.

What this programme will provide

A consistent peer group to work with on a programme that will last 12 months, that is designed specifically for new Directors and Senior Managers of fast growing businesses.

Here’s what some of our recent cohort of Futurehub participants had to say about the programme:

“MDHUB appears to be the best kept secret in Sussex which it shouldn’t be!”
Steve King, Cheesmur

“Futurehub has helped me to further recognise my potential and that I know more than first thought whilst being supported by MDHUB through the experience to achieve and not be afraid to make decisions.”
Daniel Cook, Ambiental

“A comprehensive run through business and development.  Confidence building.”

To download a copy of the programme outline, please click here 

For a detailed programme schedule, please email