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MDHUB is the premier peer to peer business growth network for Managing Directors and their Senior Board Directors in the South of England.

Find out what some of our members say about us...
Find out what some of our members say about us...

We are a place that solves your problems, lifts the pressure and finds ways through the blocks to grow your business with the support of the only people who really understand what you are going through - your own peer group of like-minded entrepreneurial Managing Directors.

We are not a sales focused networking organisation, active selling is discouraged and generally self-regulated by members but of course members trade with each other - they build great relationships and have a deep knowledge of each other and their businesses - why wouldn't they?

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Rob Andrew MBE - CEO of Sussex County Cricket Club


Jeremy Cook - Chief Economist of World First


Luke Aldrich - Chairman of ROCC


Wednesday 30th November, Sixty Eight Middle Street, Brighton between 6pm and 9pm


What can business leaders do to prepare for a BRAVE NEW WORLD?


The Original Leader's Event 2016


Developing an innovation mindset...


It can be helpful to share your business issues with like-minded people.


Kerry Kyriacou speaks to Laura Evans on the Business Show at Radio Reverb


IT'S ALL A LOAD OF MONKEY BUSINESS Wednesday 6th July, East Sussex National, Uckfield 8am to 11am


Bite-sized Management Development Courses delivered by MDHUB for companies looking to support their management teams...


20th April 2016 at Pelham House, Lewes between 6pm and 9pm